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The Art of the Pitch

The Art of the Pitch



Tuesday, 20th of September


The Art of the Pitch

20th September 2022


Writers are often their own worst agents but it needn’t be that way. Many of us recoil from the idea of the hard sell, especially when it comes to ourselves. We spend our working lives seeking authenticity so it can feel like an uncomfortable change of gear to have to become slick presenters when we go out into the marketplace with our ideas. It can be so very uncomfortable that we never even come close to doing ourselves justice. Our projects and our careers can languish for the lack of this skill.

Mary Kate O Flanagan will share her philosophy that The Art of The Pitch is not only about finding champions for your work – it’s about clarifying your vision. Once you have done that, you can communicate the essence of your idea and it will be clear and compelling.

It is her belief that even the shyest writers are well able to become adept at pitching while staying true to our own voices. She will also communicate some guidelines on pitching  - on the page and in person. These include:

  1. Considering Your Audience

  2. Reference Points That Fire The Imagination

  3. The Heart of The Matter

  4. Why This, Why Now?

  5. Eternal Themes, Fresh Approaches

  6. Practical Considerations

  7. Anticipating Questions

  8. Brevity, The Soul of the Pitch

This event is open to all members. In line with Guild policy, we wish to encourage members who belong to any group that may be underrepresented within society on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, age, disability, socio-economic or any other factors, to apply.

Date:  Tuesday 20th September  10am – 5pm on Zoom

Session 1:  

10am – 12.30pm will be open to all.  No need to apply, simply join this link below when event starts

Meeting ID: 883 2724 8223 

Passcode: 919089

Session 2:   

2pm – 5pm – a small group of successful applicants will get to pitch and workshop their project with Mary Kate and some special industry guests.

Meeting ID: 897 9498 5561 

Passcode: 376200

Apply for Session 2:  by Wednesday 14th September 5pm

Email: with:

  1. email subject line 'Art of the Pitch' and your name

  2. the following information, as one attachment (word document or PDF) to the email

  • Your contact details (phone number & email address)

  • Your bio including your writing credit(s) (if applicable); a logline (max 24 words) and one paragraph pitch for your project and a few lines on why you'd like to participate in this workshop.

  • Please indicate in your application if you belong to any group that may be underrepresented within society on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, age, disability, socio-economic or other factors.

  • Have you ever participated in a course on pitching run by WGI?

Please note to apply for session 2, you MUST be available for the morning session also

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