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Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

Pitching and Presentations

Public speaking is one of the most widespread phobias among adults. For most of us, it's a case of "You lost me at 'Hello'". 


Few people can pitch their own project or product clearly and winningly. After years of working with professional storytellers, we have noticed that many of them fall apart when asked to describe their vision in a few minutes. This is equally true for people who need to pitch and aren't professional storytellers.  


We guide people in the film and television, and in the business world, to craft and deliver a memorable  pitch. 

Image by Product School

First we work on clarifying and distilling the heart of the message. This is the key to making a pitch stand out. Most people are so focused on the details of their own project or product, that they no longer have the perspective to see what makes it uniquely appealing. 


Then we identify the audience and their needs and desires. All of our work is audience-centric. We want the presenter and the audience to connect and we use all our knowledge of that dynamic to slant the pitch for maximum effect. 


Then we coach people individually and as groups in how to deliver a pitch in a style that feels comfortable. Not everyone is a natural performer but once you connect with your belief in your product, you're compelling. 


Lastly, we work on the medium, including in-person pitches, formal presentations and written material. 

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