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Scenewriting, The Secret Weapon

Scenewriting, The Secret Weapon


€500 (Early Bird €400)

Tuesday, 8th March

Find Your Unique Voice by Mastering Key Scenes.

Execution is everything. The success of your screenplay is not only in your premise and plot but in how the story is told. Over the course of eight two-hour classes, this programme will help you create the spine of your story through the writing of several key scenes, ie:

  • The Opening Scene

  • The Inciting Incident

  • The Break into Act II

  • A Set Piece

  • The Midpoint

  • End of ACT II

  • Final Twist

  • Final Scene.

We will start with a recap of overall structure in a screen story and how dramatic tension works on an audience. Then we will look at how to write and rewrite a scene. We will go into detail on key scene-writing skills, including:

  • Shaping a Scene For Maximum Impact

  • Replacing Dialogue With Visuals

  • The Magic of the Objective Correlative

  • What Constitutes a Twist and Why It Is So Necessary

  • Scenes of Preparation and Scenes of Aftermath

  • The Lubitsch Touch

  • How to Be Obvious With Your Subtleties

  • Communicating The Inner Life of Your Characters

  • Cinematic Storytelling and Your Originality

There will be feedback during class times if you want to share your work-in-progress.

This is an 8-week course online at 19:30 – 21:30 Irish Time. Commences on Tuesday March 8th 2022. There will be a maximum of 8 participants in this group. Cost is €500 per participant. Early Bird Discount of 20% for bookings paid in full by March 1st 2022.

To book, email

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