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Making Each Scene A Mini-Masterpiece

Making Each Scene A Mini-Masterpiece


€499 (€399 early bird rate)

Tuesday April 30th 2024.

There is a specific art to crafting a scene which is known to so few screenwriters. Once you master it, each scene becomes a mini-masterpiece, making it rich, expressive and most of all, compelling. 

In this 7-week online programme you can learn how to write and rewrite every scene in your screenplay for maximum impact on your reader and then your audience. 

We will look at all scenes and ask: 

  • How do you write economically and keep the story moving? 

  • How do you choose the best location for your scene? 

  • How do you replace dialogue with visuals? 

  • What is The Lubitsch Touch?

  • When do you come in and leave the scene?

  • How do you odecide who owns the scene? 

We will then examine the particular qualities of : 

  • Opening scenes 

  • Scenes of hidden conflict 

  • Scenes of introduction

  • Scenes of decision

  • Scenes of seduction

  • Set pieces 

These are advanced screenwriting techniques but learners of all levels of experience are welcome. 


The programme will be live every Tuesday at 19:30 / 7:30 p.m. Irish time and the course will be recorded so that you can watch and rewatch it in your own time. There will be weekly assignments which you do in your own time. 


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