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Individual Tutoring

Individual Tutoring



Dates in June, July, August

This summer, we are trialling a new method of development. We are pairing up writers and bringing them through an eight week process where we examine one sequence of a project per week. Writers get to see each other’s work being developed and receive individual guidance and detailed feedback page by page. 

We are trying this out for two reasons. In our experience, development is more fun when there are more than two people in the process. Secondly, people can spot the principles of story at work when it applies to someone else’s work-in-progress. Then it’s much easier to see how it applies to our own work. 

If you have a projects that needs to go through one more draft, this could be a way to get them moving and motivated. The time commitment is two hours with your tutor and the other writer per week and 2 -4 hours of work outside of that, every week. 

The cost for this will be €500 per writer, this summer only. Start dates will be June, July and August. Places are limited so early booking is advised.

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