Storytelling for Business

Storytelling has become a buzzword in business in the last years. Experts have long known that an advertisement with a story has better spontaneous and prompted recall, months after it has aired. Story also helps enormously with internal communications especially during periods of transition. The transfer of information can become “sticky” when it is presented as facts and figures. But people remember stories as they progress through highs and lows to a surprising but satisfying conclusion.

This is because the nature of stories requires the audience to participate emotionally, hoping and fearing for the characters and trying to anticipate the outcome; the story keeps them engaged and then leaves them with an emotional impact that will resonate long after information packs have been forgotten.

Our work with businesses has led us to believe that the use of story in this context is overlooked and undervalued. We find that everyone we meet has a fascinating story, they just don’t have the confidence in their skills to tell it. Or they mistake what is interesting to them personally as being interesting in itself. We work with people to help them make their stories entertaining and memorable.

You can hear us talk on RTÉ Radio One about our work with businesses here:

The Business / RTÉ Radio One – Storytelling in Business

Sisters Rachel & Mary Kate O’Flanagan have both worked for many years in the script-writing & editing end of the film industry. In recent years they have transferred their story-telling skills to the world of business.

We offer one-day training seminars to businesses to talk about the nature of story-telling, the universal principles that apply to good stories and the reasons stories work in every context. We then offer a follow-up service where we work with individuals and teams to help them craft stories to their purposes.

Purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • Presentations
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Product Launches
  • Re-branding
  • Internal Communications
  • New Strategies

One Hour Initial Consultation. No charge.

If you have a one page outline of your project we will read it and respond to help you decide if our approach will suit you.
Let us help you with your story.

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