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Introduction to Storytelling for The Screen

Introduction to Storytelling for The Screen



Tuesday, 21st September

An 8 week course in screenwriting for new and aspiring professional screenwriters.

Through this programme you can grasp and master the fundamentals of storytelling for the screen. Most first drafts have a beginning, a muddle, and an end. It's easy to get lost and give up before you really get started. 

With this course you will:

  • Sketch out a map before you start writing pages

  • Learn how to use The Sequence Approach

  • Understand how to use Dramatic Tension as the engine of story

  • Find the hidden theme that compels you

  • Receive tailored instruction and guidance from an experienced and qualified story editor.

  • Make connections and share writing tips with your peers

Two hours of interactive classes per week. Assignments are approx 1-2 hours work a week, in your own time. Maximum 10 participants per group.

Classes are at 8pm on Zoom and start on Tuesday the 21st of September. Classes will be recorded to watch later, in case you miss one.

Early bird fee up till August 31st, €399

To book, email

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