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Creativity and Confidence

Creativity and Confidence


€499 (Early Bird €399)

Sunday, October 30th 2022

A Programme to Transform Your Creative Practice

Sunday Evenings: 19:30 – 21:30

Commencing October 30th 2022

Running for Eight Weeks till December 11 th 2022.

Creatives, more than most, identify with their work. That means the underlying fear running the show is, if the work is not good enough, we are not good enough. As story editors and teachers, we have worked with thousands of creatives all over the world and we have observed it that the number one deterrent to creatives is lack of confidence.

It manifests in many ways: procrastination is a familiar one. Procrastination is not a symptom of idleness or lack of motivation. It is a subconscious strategy designed to protect ourselves from criticism or rejection by leaving the work in the realm of potential where it is still perfect. Other maladaptive strategies include abandoning a project in favour of a new idea or attacking those who offer ideas for improvement.

All of this stems from fear that what we are creating may not be good enough. This is frustrating because we can’t deny the urge to create. And we only get better by creating.

Confidence, however, can be acquired by changing thought patterns and deliberately cultivating trust in oneself and the process as a part of the work. Through our work, in service of writers, directors, producers and actors, we have developed practical strategies to overcome the self-doubt which accompanies most creative work. We want to see more people turn down (turn off) the voice in their heads that asks whether or not they are good enough and to fulfil their potential. We have designed this programme to help creatives move past the tension between the desire to work and the fear of our work being rejected, which hobbles so many.

Join us this Autumn /Winter if you wrestle with your demons – we believe that they can be tamed. We hope this will increase the satisfaction and pleasure that your creative practice gives you.

Cost: €499 (€399 for Early Bird bookings received by October 14th 2022).

Apply by email to:

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