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Advanced Screenwriting Programme

Advanced Screenwriting Programme



Tutoring by Arrangement

Have you been meaning to get your screenplay written for a while now? Do you find it gets sidelined in favour of something more urgent (but less important)? 

If you have already studied screenwriting and are aware of the sequence approach, this programme will move you from outline towards completed screenplay 

(NB Some writers complete a draft of their project in eight weeks but everyone progresses at a different pace).

Now you know the underlying principles of storytelling for the screen. But knowing the theory and practicing the art are two different things. With this programme you will:

  • Refine your outline and start writing pages.

  • Receive weekly instruction, editing and guidance from an experienced and qualified story editor.

  • Work alongside one other writer and see how them principles apply to their work in progress, thereby making it easier to see how it applies to yours.

  • Shape and refine the supporting materials you need to attract finance and creative collaborators, i.e. an outline, logline and cast of characters.

You attend a 3 hour meeting per week. Assignments will be approx. 2-3 hours work per week, in your own time. 

€800 per project for 8 weeks input. Limited Spaces Available. Tutoring is on a 2 to 1 basis. Contact Mary Kate at the email address below to arrange a suitable time.

To book, email

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