Storytelling for the Screen

Masterclasses & Workshops

We design and deliver tailor-made masterclasses and workshops. These vary from 3 hour lectures to intensive development programmes spanning a year. Depending on the number of participants and training needs, we recruit qualified and experienced colleagues from around the world.

We also moderate public interviews with award-winning screenwriters for festivals.

Script Consulting

When a screenplay is in progress, we offer professional consulting. This involves reading, making notes and moderating a consultation process with the writer and any other member of the creative team (producer, director,  development executive) to agree a detailed plan for the next draft.

This is the most rewarding and effective work we do with writers.

Training for Producers & Development Executives

The producer has the difficult and all-important role of holding the creative vision for the whole project from the time it is optioned until it is a realised drama on the screen.

Many producers and development professionals find it difficult to communicate with writers and directors when a screenplay is failing to make progress. The training we give imparts expertise in working with the writer, giving them specific guidance and constructive notes and keeping them encouraged.

From Idea to Outline

This is a unique 10-week process we have developed to help writers take an idea to a polished and compelling outline. This is where we map out the story so that the process of writing pages becomes easier. The writer completes an assignment every week  (usually a chapter or sequence of the story) and we go over it and polish it until it is strong.

This is an enjoyable part of the creative process. With this support, writers tend to find this process  rewarding and engaging.

From Outline to Draft

​If the writer already has a well-developed outline, this 10-week process works well. The writer works in stages (usually 12-15 pages a week) and we meet weekly to give feedback on the work so far, then plan the next stage. This way, the writer doesn’t get lost in ACT II, or jump the rails and find that it is hard to write an ending.This supportive process has proved to be popular with writers. Producers also find it saves them from development hell.

In our experience this is a productive process and saves time, money and the heartache involved in wrong turns.

Rewrites and Polishes

Sometimes writers lose heart or get busy with other projects. After consultation with a writer, in which we ask for their thoughts about what a screenplay needs, and talk to them about what we think it needs, we offer a rewriting service.

The idea is to rewrite or polish a promising project that a writer has struggled to bring to the next stage. This process is designed to re-energise the project; we advise that  the original writer has the chance to approve any changes made.

We rewrite uncredited in order that the original writer’s work be properly recognised.

One Hour Initial Consultation. No charge.

If you have a one page outline of your project we will read it and respond to help you decide if our approach will suit you.
Let us help you with your story.

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