Screenplay Refinement

Our work guides screenplays for feature films, shorts and television dramas from idea stage through to final polish.

Professional Training

We deliver training to professionals in the art of storytelling for the screen, whether feature films, web-based dramas or short films.

Business Storytelling

We also work with businesses and other organisations to help them tell the story of their work, especially during periods of transition.

The Vision

No film or television drama succeeds without a strong screenplay and most great screenplays are achieved through re-writing. Development heaven is having your work-in-progress improved by intelligent enquiry and helpful suggestions. This process makes a screenplay taut and effective, while keeping the writer motivated. Most writers find this enjoyable and energising. Our goal is to help filmmakers achieve success by strengthening the story to the point where it cannot fail to attract collaborators and move its audience.

The Approach

Our work is in the tradition of the revered teacher of screenwriting, the late Frank Daniel, which always asks, How will the audience experience the story? The most important part of our work is to allow the writer self-expression and not to impose solutions on the writer. The approach is Socratic, which is to say that we enquire about the writer's intentions where we perceive lack of clarity or possible weaknesses in a work in progress. Then we offer solutions based on our decades-long study of the craft of screenwriting.

Our Services

  • Masterclasses
  • Workshops
  • Script Consulting
  • Idea to Outline
  • Outline to First Draft
  • Rewrites & Polishes
  • Training for Screenwriters
  • Training for Producers & Development Executives

Screenwriting Courses with The O'Flanagan Sisters in 2016.
All Upcoming Workshops

One Hour Initial Consultation. No charge.

If you have a one page outline of your project we will read it and respond to help you decide if our approach will suit you.

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